Our works of art are made with love

Which sort of makes it a little bit difficult for us to part with them when it comes to shipping.

But we’re sure we’re sending them out to good, caring, and happy folks, just like you!

And that makes us feel a lot better!

So, to make sure our crafts will curve your lips into a smile for years to come …

We’d like to make sure you know just how to take care of them.

You see …

Everything we craft is made from solid wood only … and some of it is more than 3000 years old.

That’s why we recommend you take care of your own little nature’s wonder …

Following these simple steps …

  1. Your item requires a little nurturing from time to time … so make sure to clean it with a soft cloth.
  2. Avoid prolonged contact with water, however! If you have to, you should rather use a slightly damp cloth, followed by a gentle massage using a dry, soft cloth.
  3. Avoid exposure to high heat. You don’t want the vivid colors to fade, do you? ;)
  4. Do not use chemical cleaners, including household cleaners, nail polish removers, and other similar products.
  5. Do not use abrasive cleaners and avoid abrasive surfaces.

That’s it. :)

Just remember to give a little care and attention to your Wood all Good crafts …

Oh, and if any additional questions pop to mind … feel free to ask us at info@woodallgoodshop.com 

We’re always happy to help! :)