Everything we do is made to celebrate you.

To match the sparks in your eyes, the curves of your smile, and the pulse of your soul.

The art of nature is within us all. 

It’s what makes us truly breathtaking … and brings us closer together.

We love our craft. But it’s all your love that means the most to us … 

That inspires us and gives us purpose …

To create. 


~ Miha Debeljak



Wood all Good was born out of pure survival …


Amanda and I …


We couldn’t really afford any kind of furniture when we first moved in together.


But that didn’t stop us one little bit …


In fact … it inspired us to create something that means the world to us both today.


And once we were done with all the basics and built ourselves a cosy little home …


I just couldn’t let go of my grandfather’s rusty old hand tools.


Something woke up somewhere deep inside of me, and I just kind of knew it right then and there …


This is something I could do for the rest of my life.


You see …


It wasn’t just a hobby anymore … it turned into an obsession.


All of a sudden, I found myself spending all my free time in my workshop …


Often very late into the night.


I fell in love with the craft right away and started experiencing all kinds of daydreams, about everything I could create.


That’s when all the wild experiments started to play out …


Amanda and I were always fascinated by all the beauty nature has to offer.


We spent countless moments admiring sunrises and sunsets, the stars in the sky, and the waves of the ocean.


It’s pure art.


And that’s what inspired us to create the first Wood all Good crafts.


But it was our friends and family who made our dreams come true.


All the jewelry we made at first …


We just gave it all away as gifts for our loved ones.


It was their encouragement that fueled our passion and helped turn it into an online boutique.


That’s what gave us the confidence we needed to put ourselves out there.


So, we opened up an Etsy shop and introduced Wood all Good to the world.


We were so nervous … 


I remember checking every single notification, message, and comment the moment they popped up.


We couldn’t sleep for a week.


It all felt sort of like the nervous wreck of a night before I decided to ask Amanda out on a date.


And I must be the luckiest damn human being on earth, because both of these endeavors turned into pure happiness.


I was so thrilled to find out that other people also loved what I had to offer!



We wouldn’t be here without you … we all love you!


Your support over the years has been invaluable, and I just can’t thank you enough.


You helped turn our dreams into reality.


And you provided us with the means to grow our little family of arts and crafts …


Into a team of artisans, always happy to make you smile. :)


Meet our team:

“I love to create, and I find great joy channeling my love into crafts, inspired by the art of nature. It’s all an adventure … there’s just so much to explore, I can’t wait to see the next work of art we’ll make. All kinds of ideas are more than welcome, hint hint, wink wink. :)”

~ Miha Debeljak, Co-founder | artisan


“The whole experience is just breathtaking … I want you to really feel the love that goes into our crafts. That’s why I make sure everything runs smoothly with our operation, and that the whole look and feel of Wood all Good is all about people, love, and quality.”

~ Amanda Čosić, Co-founder | Manager



“Crafting makes me happy. It makes me feel alive and at peace. I mean … it’s hard to describe. But imagine creating something out of nothing with your bare hands. You get this image in your mind, and the next moment you're shaping it into something you can touch.”

~ Miran Dolinšek, artisan



“I’ve got a lot of loves in my life … I’m into sports, but I also volunteer for both the police force and the fire department, and I would very much like to own a farm one day. I believe in helping out people and enjoying nature. That’s kind of how I found myself in Miha’s workshop.”

~ Grega Cotman, artisan