24k Gold Wood Ring

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A little mountain of gold that you can carry with you! 

This ring combines 24 carat gold leaf, resin and 2000+ years old bog oak wood. The perfect ring for anyone with metal allergies.

The gold is firmly embedded in crystal clear resin giving the effect of mountains of gold hidden inside a gem. 

Important Information:

  • Made in-house by our skilled craftsmen in Europe
  • Made from 24k gold, resin and 2000+ years old bog oak wood
  • Shipped in a beautiful box for easy gift giving
  • Gift message available upon request (leave in notes)
  • Our rings are made individually by hand and take 5-10 days to create
  • Standard shipping takes 5-20 days. Express shipping takes 1-3 business days worldwide.

If you’d like to see photos of your 24k Gold Wood ring before it’s shipped out, please leave us a note and we’ll make that happen.

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