A celebration of life, passion, freedom, and the art of nature


Made to match your soul. Your true nature. And the way you look when you smile. 




Driven by pure passion, you light up every room with natural intensity and charisma, with breathtaking Joie de Vivre. 


They don’t call you hotblooded for nothing … you are truly drunk with life. 


A revolutionary, a leader, an adventurer … you carry a deep love of life in your heart. 


And it’s your enthusiasm, instinct, and courage that inspires us all. 


You’ve this way of drawing … no, demanding attention, and your every action is a performance, more than worthy of admiration. 


While it may be true … that you are a friend of the extremes. 


Your true power lies in your ability to tame the ‘fiery beast’ inside and find balance by drawing from the other three elements ... 


May you always burn bright as the stars in our skies. Shine on you crazy diamond.




You flow through life with compassion and rely on your sensitive and caring heart for guidance. 


There is an ocean of empathy within your soul … that is why you are able to connect with people. 


Whole-heartedly, and with incredible grace and ease. 


Your intuition, and authenticity … your sensitive, and spiritual intensity … everything you are ... 


There is no love, deeper than yours, and no heart more sensitive. 


So, stay clear from the chaos of life, and draw balance from learning to help others and yourself in finding harmony and beauty on your journey. 


May you only ever know the calmest of waters … with nothing but pure bliss on the horizon. 




Strong, grounded, and full of life, you have a truly nurturing soul, and a magnetic capacity for empathy


Your wisdom, experience, and practical curiosity brings you closest to mother nature. 


But it’s your unbreakable loyalty, inspirational drive, and welcoming nature that brings people to you. 


An artist in love with creation, a focused hard worker, and a profoundly grounded being … 


There’s hardly a soul to match your groove … you’re the one who always keeps it real. 


It’s your focus that should light your way, not your stubbornness, so strive to keep yourself centered and pragmatic. 


May your roots be as strong as your wings and always keep growing. 




A natural-born charmer, you rely on your quick wit and glowing personality to enjoy a carefree life. 


There’s always a ‘bigger picture’ on your mind, and your thoughts are absolutely Perpetuum Mobile. 


You adore storytelling and playing with ideas as much as you love an adventurous life. 


Dancing with the ‘winds of change’ to a tune brought to life by brilliant intellectual prowess, and empowered by the maddest of smooth-talking skills. 


A dreamer, and a curious eccentric, a rebel, and a silver-tongued breath of fresh air … 


You’ll always bet on logic and ‘radical thinking’ to charm, entertain, and just live la Vida Loca … but try to keep yourself out of trouble and practice more empathy. 


May the winds of life carry you into paradise. So you can be free and happy.


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